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EmPack v2

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EmPack v2

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Tracey Primeau

"The EmPack is truly my favorite piece of at home fitness equipment. I’m always looking for any excuse to take my workout outdoors! Prior to the EmPack, my outdoor workouts consisted of running and/or bodyweight exercises. The EmPack allows me to get a great strength training workout in anywhere I want, with one piece of equipment! As a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and busy mom, my workouts are scheduled around clients, my daughters school schedule, sporting events or requests to play outside. I bring the EmPack with me and I’m able to get a workout in at a park between clients, before I pick my daughter up from morning Kindergarten, during her practices or while I’m watching her play outside. The versatility of the pack offers countless variations for a full body workout and the unstable weight of the water adds an extra challenge. The EmPack has been the most invaluable addition to my fitness routine!”

Missy Albrecht

"The EmPack has been my favorite thing to bring on vacation and on hikes, giving me the ability to workout wherever I am. It has also proven to be a powerful rehab tool for my patients and athletes, creating a dynamic workout tools to really test a person's stability and control with movement. The movement of the water mimics uncontrolled environments, such as picking up children! Or unexpected hits in a rugby game. I'm so happy to be a part of this movement and be able to share such a wonderful product with the world. Oh. And I LOVE the convenient zipper in the front to just swing the pack around and grab my keys/phone/wallet!!"

Tera Geishauser

"The Empack is literally everything!!! I use it every single day whether it's used a backpack, weight training bag or both. I love using it so much and it's super versatile! I base my movement practice on the idea of "be healthy wherever you find yourself" and The Empack completely encapsulates that idea. The workouts are endless and it's SO much fun being able to get creative with your environment and your workout. I love having the opportunity to finally get outside and get an amazing workout in the sunshine, in the mountains, ANYWHERE! It's helped take my training to the next level because I no longer have boundaries...and I love that so, so much!"

Lorraine Nichols

“I purchased the EmPack during KickStarter and haven't looked back. I am a busy mom, work full time for a corporation, live out in the country, and own a small business. I have no time for the gym. The EmPack allows me to workout at home in the mornings before my kids wake up. I am also able to take it outside and actually enjoy the country life while working out. I have completed the Get Strong Busy Bee and Burn programs multiple times with the EmPack. The combination is gold and I couldn't imagine life without either! Since 2010, I have had 2 babies, gained weight due to pregnancy and dealt with a myriad of health issues. I also discovered a real food lifestyle, but I knew nothing about fitness. In 2012, I found Emily and my life changed. Then the EmPack was introduced and I was finally able to workout without 15 different pieces of equipment in my living room. It has replaced barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and much more. Plus, it's my favorite backpack! A busy mom also has to pack for the entire family. Do you know how much you can pack into an EmPack and it still fits under the seat in front of you on a plane? It's truly incredible!"

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